Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yay! It fianly worked!

After several trys, IT WORKED!
I almost gave up! xD

This is a pretty old graphic, I wanted to show it to you becaus I love the shoes!
I hate the hair and hands, every time I look at them I think.. 'Robot', don't know why o_o
Cause they're so rough, you know!


  1. I love it! And whats your Stardoll Username? and can I hire you as our 2nd graphic desiger? I'm a graphic designer too!

    Heres my blog:

  2. Wow...that's beautiful!! I have a quick question for you. I'm in a position with my blog where it's at a stand still. I have inactive followers right now, even though I have 59 of them. I am asking the owners of my favorite blogs if they could kindly write a short post about it with the graphic (it's just words...very simple) and tell your followers to follow it if they can. It would really be an honor to have my blog featured on here...your graphics are amazing. I understand if you can't though :) The name of the blog is
    My username is endzio1 so if you want the graphic you can just add me on there and I will give it to you. Thanks so much!


  4. Who made that?

    I'm sorry but she is defintly lieing cause I'm the one that made that!

    IF she made that, give me proof!

  5. This is amazing. I need a graphic designer for my blog, are you available? Here's the link,
    I basically need a vampire made out of my stardoll. My username on Stardoll is .-.Silver.-.
    If any graphic coast money, then forget it. I'm dead broke.

  6. i cannet say more